Need some one-on-one attention to grow in your speaking and presentation skills so you can lead at your highest level?

Julie can work with you in three different ways:

Speaking Skills Intensive

Best for you if: you are looking for focused, personalized feedback in 1-2 target areas such as confidence, volume/speed, gestures, controlling nerves, or leadership presence.

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Overview: Prior to your session, you'll submit a recent 5-minute video of you in action. You (and your leader, if appropriate) will complete an online questionnaire to identify your chosen 1-2 target areas for feedback and growth. Then it's time to connect! You and Julie will meet virtually for 60-minutes (usually through Zoom so you can connect visually as well) during which time she'll offer actionable feedback and recommendations. You get to practice implementing these ideas, stay in touch via e-mail, then re-connect within the month for a follow-up coaching call to talk through results and business impacts.

Note from Julie: If you're looking for a virtual 'boost' in your growth as a speaker, this is the program for you. In my experience, it is the most effective and cost-efficient way to help you as an individual. It's important to me to offer you feedback that you can actually implement and then support you through that phase as well. Let's have some fun :)

Specific Presentation Coaching Program

Best for you if: you are working towards a specific, important presentation such as one delivered to the Board, key clients, senior leaders, Town Hall, conference/association, etc. This is also a great opportunity if you will be presenting as a group and need to deliver a seamless presentation together.

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Overview: Prior to the launch of this program, you'll submit a recent 5-minute video of you (or all of you) in action. You will complete an online questionnaire to identify specific details about the upcoming presentation, the audience, the purpose, and the intended business results as well as submit your draft outline / script / powerpoint. Then it's time to connect! You and Julie will have an initial meeting to review the materials and watch you deliver the draft presentation. She'll target specific ares to refine in the overall message, visual aids, and/or presentation delivery and make key recommendations. You'll have an opportunity to put these into practice, re-connect for a recorded run-through of the presentation, and enter the final prep stage. Then you're ready to knock it out of the park!

Note from Julie: When it's all on the line and you need to be at your best, objective feedback from someone on the 'outside' can be that key differentiator. I'll give you honest, straightforward input and you decide what works best for you. I want to see you rock it!

Presentation Excellence Coaching Program

Best for you if: you want to build (or expand) your foundational speaking skills and design effective, purposeful presentations. You know you don't want to rush it (and miss key ingredients for success) so you love the idea of three months of focused, individualized attention that will help you accelerate your growth as a speaker.


Overview: You'll benchmark your current skill level and business impacts through recent video, online questionnaires, and an initial call. Then you and Julie will dive deep into personalized opportunities and strategies for growth and development. Every month, you'll connect with Julie once a week, for three weeks, with the final week as a chance to implement and critically reflect. Monthly progress reports and on-call availability are designed to help keep you accountable and supported as you grow. The Final Assessment provides an birds-eye view of all the progress you will have made by the end of three months!

Note from Julie: I love the chance to go deep into your history, experience and expertise and truly help you fully leverage your potential. This three-month process is built on mutual trust so I can help you feel "safe, but not comfortable" which is where true breakthroughs happen!

I find Julie’s coaching style very easy to work with and a confidence builder. I have worked with other coaches and can honestly say not all of them had a style that was open and honest without using a negative approach at the same time. Our coaching sessions allow me to practice my speaking skills to become more comfortable in any type of environment.
— Keith Samuelson, Director, Insurance Operations, FCCI Insurance Group
Julie worked with The Marine Mammal Center to help us chart a course for growth...she was both knowledgable and networked; most importantly, she integrated herself into our process and didn’t flinch when it came to providing clear and insightful guidance. There’s no question in my mind: we’re where we are today, on a healthy and innovative path towards growth, because of this talented team.
— Dr. Jeff Boehm, Executive Director, The Marine Mammal Center