Are you finding it challenging to get everyone onboard, headed in the same direction, towards a common goal? While one group is focused on the best way to do a strategic plan, another group is concerned with the current workload and commitments, while another group just wants to get moving and accomplish something...sound familiar?

Or perhaps your organization finds itself stuck, losing motivation, watching productivity decrease and employee burnout increase. 

Our trademark approach is to create an environment in which people feel 'safe but not comfortable' - meaning they're first willing to dream big and challenge the status quo, then produce concrete ideas, solutions, and actionable steps. And every facilitated meeting or retreat is an opportunity to have some fun and a few celebrate progress made and challenge each other on the next steps.

Results Driven Facilitation Process:

Phase 1: Benchmark and Synthesize Input

Phase 2: Facilitate Meeting or Retreat

Phase 3: Support Accountability and Implementation


Facilitation - small group.jpg

We work in partnership with our clients during all three phases to ensure results. This is essential to successful facilitation so participants are engaged and committed knowing their input is valuable to the end result. 

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Accelerate forward towards a common goal? Achieve uncommon results? Finally (and completely) embrace change?

Julie is one of those rare people who really keeps the process moving, keeps people involved, and also drew from her extensive experience to add valuable content when appropriate. In the end we had a faster and more efficient process, as well as a better product than if we had tried this ourselves. Julie is smart, thoughtful, personable, and an easy person to work with. I would recommend Julie to anyone.
— Brad Rutherford, COO, Seattle Aquarium
Julie is an expert facilitator. She works with poise and understanding, helping through suggestions and directed activities that kept our group on task as well as entertained.
— Dave Bader, Director of Education, Aquarium of the Pacific
Hallmarks that Julie embodies are passion, creativity, engagement and tenacity. Julie is a compelling and exciting speaker, she facilitates and leads groups to consensus and plan, and she thinks big and she thinks smart. It’s always exciting for me to know she’ll be on the agenda, because I know the audience (and her fellow presenters) are in for new learning and fun.
— Deb Kerr, Executive Director, Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art